Sunday, September 15, 2019

Release date for Hope For The Lost

Hope For The Lost is now available. You can order your copy with the payment link on the right.

Hope for the Lost:
The Case for Evangelical Universalism

by William M. Brennan

612 pages

Published by Evangelical Universalist Press, 2019

     This work is organized after the model of the fourfold curriculum, beleaguered and maligned though it may be. The for general divisions covered are Historical Concerns, Biblical Concerns, Theological Concerns and Practical Concerns:
    Examines the origin and history of the doctrine of universal restoration and traces its presence throughout the history of the church. Chapter headings for this section include:
    The History of Universal Salvation, - Tracing the proponents of universalism down through the ages. Demonstrates that Universalism is not  new fangled idea but a deep rooted tradition within the body of the Church.
    Origin of the Doctrine of Endless Torment - Explores the roots of the doctrine that is largely responsible for the major divisions within the Church; the Doctrine of Endless Torment.

    Examines matters related to the Bible and its interpretation. Chapter headings for this section include:
    Hermeneutics - Establishing the grammatico-historical method as the basis for evangelical exegesis.
     Terminology - Two chapters exploring the definitions and significance of biblical terms translated eternal or everlasting:  including aionios and olam, and the four Greek words translated hell,  gehenna, hades, sheol and tartarus.
     Proof Texts - Two chapters examining the texts most often used to defend endless torment and those that teach universal restoration.
    Examines philosophical arguments for and against universal restorations and key doctrines that are affected by a believe in universal salvation. Chapter headings for this section include:
    Presuppositions - Finding proof texts to support a theological viewpoint is never a neutral exercise. This chapter explores the impact of presuppositions upon the hermeneutical venture.
    Theodicy -The greatest apologetic challenge to the Christian religion is the problem of Evil. This chapter explores the problem and offers a viable solution along evangelical universalist lines.
    The Atributes of God - A deep dive into some of the attributes of God  set forth in Scripture and the implications for sotereology and eschatology.
     The Via Media - Having identified endless torment as the doctrinal error that divides Christendom, this chapter posits that Universalism is the via media that can unite the Church going into the twenty-first century and forevermore.